Chapter Update: Spring AGM, 2018

Invitation: SHLA Spring 2018 AGM

The SHLA Spring AGM will be held on Friday, June 1, 2018 in Room 1430 of the Lesley and Irene Dubé Health Sciences Library at the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon.  An agenda and all other information will follow.

Call for Presenters
We will have time for two member presentations of approximately 10-20 minutes each.  If you would like to discuss a recent project/publication or would like a chance to practice your presentation before conference season, we encourage you to consider presenting at the AGM. Please contact Caroline at before Friday, April 20, if you’re interested.

Call for committee members

The SHLA executive is looking for members who are interested in sitting on the Constitutional Review Working Group. The SHLA is preparing to conduct a focused review of the 2015 Constitution of the Saskatchewan Health Libraries Association, in accordance with item 11 which states that “The membership shall review the Constitution every three years”.

At the Fall meeting, a brief discussion occurred and it was determined that a small sub-committee will conduct the review. At least one board member will sit on this committee.

Responsibilities will include:
• Working collaboratively with the Working Group
• Reviewing the Constitution in a detailed manner
• Ongoing membership consultation
• Developing proposed amendments

Time commitment for this committee should be minimal with a possible timeline of January to May. The recommended revisions will be presented to the Board prior to the AGM so that any final adjustments can be made and the work can be presented to members to vote on amendments at the spring AGM. The Executive will support the group in communicating and consulting with the membership.

If you are interested or have any questions, please contact us  by Friday, December 1, 2017.

Chapter Update: Fall 2017 Meeting

The fall SHLA gathering kicked off with a round table on current activities from each organization. This was followed by a continuing education session led by CADTH Liaison Officer Saskatchewan Kathleen Kulyk on the development and critical appraisal of clinical practice guidelines (CPGs). CPGs play a vital role in health policy formation and care delivery; yet guideline implementation has suffered due to varied adherence to basic standards of development. The Appraisal of Guidelines for Research & Evaluation II (AGREE II) Instrument is a framework for ensuring guidelines are rigorously developed and reported and based on best available evidence. During the session, members had the opportunity to assess guidelines using AGREE II, and to discuss the strengths and shortcomings of the instrument and its applicability to the practice of library and information professionals.

The SHLA Fall Meeting included reports from the executive and information items by the web manager and Journal Club coordinator. A proposal to change the length and frequency of Journal Club was raised and tabled for discussion at the next Journal Club meeting. The day ended with a discussion about the upcoming SHLA Constitutional Review and a general call for members to participate on the committee.

SHLA Fall Annual Meeting, 2017

Invitation: SHLA Fall Annual Meeting 2017

The SHLA 2017-18 executive is looking forward to seeing everyone at the SHLA Fall Meeting on November 3rd, 2017We will be having a change of scenery this year and meeting in the Alexandria Room at the Dr. John Archer Library, University of Regina.

Call for Presenters
As in past years, we have time available for 2 short member presentations of approximately 10 to 20 minutes. If you are working on a project or publication and are seeking a chance to practice your presentation skills and share your findings, we encourage you to consider presenting at the meeting. Please contact Caroline Monnin at  before October 13th to make arrangements.

Agenda & Schedule
A more detailed schedule and agenda will be forwarded closer to the meeting date. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Chapter Update: Fall 2016 Meeting

During the morning portion of the session Brendalynn Ens (Director, Knowledge Mobilization and Liaison Program at Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health [CADTH]) lead 11 librarians and library technicians through the critical appraisal process of medical literature, including randomized controlled trials, systematic reviews, and practice guidelines. Thousands of critical appraisal tools (CATs) are available, but all are based on three basic questions: “Can I believe the results?”; “What are the results?”; and “Will the results help me in my decision making?” CADTH has created a set of four (non-validated) CATs available for use (Registered Controlled Trials, Systematic Reviews, Clinical Practical Guidelines, and Qualitative Research), which they distributed to the attendees. Brendalynn spoke in depth specifically about bias in Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs), which includes five different types of bias associated with CPGs: financial, publication, conflict of interest, expert influence, and external commercial bias. She also shared her five-minute shortcut to critical appraisal of a CPG.


The afternoon portion of the meeting began with Valerie Moore, who provided the attendees with a tour of the new SHIRP website at their new URL:

SHIRP’s new logo is featured on their website, along with a new “Quick Links” section, and the new LibGuides. In the last three months the website has seen 19255 visits, with the Pharmacist and Physician pages seeing the top hits. Drug databases are the most popular. There has been a lot of anecdotal positive feedback on the newly designed website.


The afternoon continued with a pre-recorded video presentation from Catherine Boden entitled “Learning Needs Across the Continuum from Beginner to Expert: A Survey of Health Sciences Librarians Working in Canada and the U.S.” Catherine provided the group with some background on a project, which is a partnership between the University of Saskatchewan and the Saskatchewan Centre for Patient-Orientated Research (SCPOR), to develop, deliver and evaluate a series of online modules aimed at building skills in literature/information searching, and reviewing and synthesizing methodologies to support evidence-based practice for healthcare professionals across the province; and, to coordinate and present workshops on systematic reviews and meta-analysis across the province, delivered by nationally recognized experts. As background piece to this project, Catherine undertook an assessment on the learning needs of librarians supporting systematic reviews using a questionnaire, which was distributed to health sciences librarian working in North America. The results of the questionnaire were shared, which included questions on demographics, systematic review experience, “design your own Continuing Education,” and facilitators and challenges.

The day ended with the SHLA general meeting, which included reports from the executive, and a discussion led by Susan Murphy based on questions from Catherine Boden about training around systematic reviews.

SHLA Fall Annual Meeting, 2016

Invitation: SHLA Fall Annual Meeting 2016

Greetings from your SHLA President – Lukas Miller!

On behalf of the SHLA 2016-17 executive, I’m pleased to announce that the SHLA Fall Meeting will be taking place on October 21, 2016 in Regina, SK. We have booked space (once again) at Sask Polytechnic’s Wascana Campus in their beautiful 11th floor boardroom (the same location as last Fall).

Call for Presentations

We have time available for 2 short (approx. 10-20 minute) member presentations. If you are working on a project or publication and seeking a chance to practice your presentation skills and share your findings, we encourage you to consider presenting at the meeting! Please contact Michelle Dalidowicz to make arrangements. Also, please try to let us know at least a month in advance (September 21st).

Continuing Education

CADTH’s knowledge mobilization liaison officer(s) will be providing a workshop on critical appraisal to the membership. This session is aimed at familiarizing non-researchers with aspects of evidence-based research and assessing the quality of papers and studies. This should be a valuable session for anyone providing information services to medical professionals. For more information about CADTH and their programs and services, visit their website at

Location, Schedule & Agenda

A more detailed schedule and agenda including time, location, and a summary of the day’s events will be forwarded via email to all members closer to the meeting date. If you have any items you feel should be covered at the meeting, please forward them to the Executive. In the meantime, stay tuned! (Minutes for the previous meeting will also be forwarded).


Have you renewed your membership for the 2016-17 term? Be advised we now accept PayPal for membership payments. Renew today on the SHLA website at!

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact myself or any other members of the executive. I’ve included our details and contact information below.

Lukas Miller
SHLA President 2016-17



At the Spring AGM (May 6th 12.30 – 2.00pm, at Picasso Room, Radisson Hotel, Saskatoon) we will have elections for the 2016-17 year for President-Elect and Secretary-Treasurer. SHLA members are strongly encouraged to consider these opportunities for professional service and leadership. Members may self-nominate.

Please respond with your nomination and a brief (50 word) biography by 5 pm Thursday, March 31st.

Duties of the President-Elect:
1. a) Act in the absence of the President;

  1. a) Act in the absence of the President;
  2. b) Act as correspondent to the Journal of the Canadian Health Libraries Association;
  3. c) Assist the President in arranging for speakers for the Spring and Fall meetings.
  4. d) Arrange food and beverage for Fall and Spring meetings

Duties of the Secretary-Treasurer

  1. a) Publicize all meetings;
  2. b) Record and distribute the minutes of all meetings;
  3. c) Have charge of all correspondence;
  4. d) Prepare and distribute the ballots for the annual election of officers;
  5. e) Hold alternate signing power in the disbursement of the Association’s funds;
  6. f) Maintain a current registry of all members;
  7. g) Collect fees and issue receipts;
  8. h) Present annual statement of accounts based on SHLA’s fiscal year: June 1- May 31.

SHLA members who are also CHLA/ABSC members in good standing are eligible to be nominated or to self-nominate.

Please submit your nomination(s) to the SHLA President by email:
Maha Kumaran
SHLA President, 2015-16

SHLA Fall Meeting on Dec. 4th

Our next SHLA Fall Meeting is approaching. This season Saskatchewan Polytechnic will be hosting us at the Regina Campus on December 4th. The agenda will be sent out to the membership soon; here is the line up we have put together for you:

Morning CE:
A Systematic Method for Selecting Search Terms
Presented by:  Charles Wessel, and Mary Lou Klem, University of Pittsburgh.

Afternoon Member Presentations:
Development of guidelines for synthesis review services at the Leslie and Irene Dube Health Sciences Library: A pilot project.
Presented by:  Catherine Boden and Lukas Miller, University of Saskatchewan

Consumer Health Information & Education in the Saskatoon Health Region.
Presented by:  Ashley Booth, Colleen Haichert, Caroline Monnin, and Catherine Young, Saskatoon Health Region


Welcome to our new SHLA WordPress site. We have added a Resource tab with links and tools useful to Health Librarians in Saskatchewan. There is a new Members Only section for SHLA members to access archived documents, the membership list and more. If you do not have an account or if you have anything you would like to contribute to the site, contact the Web Manager.