Saskatchewan Health Libraries Association is an affiliated chapter of the Canadian Health Libraries Association / Association des bibliothèques de la santé du Canada (CHLA/ABSC). Our association includes libraries across Saskatchewan that are linked, directly or indirectly, to the medical and health care fields. Among our members are hospital, government, college, and university libraries and staff members. We meet twice a year to view presentations and discuss issues surrounding medical and health care libraries today.

The objectives of the association are:

  • To promote the provision of quality library service to the health community in Saskatchewan.
  • To provide professional support to the membership by promoting educational opportunities, communication, and resource sharing.

Please see our constitution for more information. 

Current Executive 2022-2023

Erin Watson, University of Saskatchewan

Chau Ha, Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Mary Chipanshi, University of Regina

Caitlin Peiris, University of Saskatchewan

Continuing Education Coordinator
Mark Mueller, Saskatchewan Health Authority

Web Manager 
Vanja Stojanovic, Saskatchewan Health Authority

2022-2023: Left to right starting at the top: Erin Watson, Vanja Stojanovic, Mark Mueller, Mary Chipanshi, Caitlin Peris, Chau Ha

Past Executives

2021-22: Left to right, starting at the top: Erin Watson, Erin Langman, Mary Chipanshi, Scott Frick, Lance Fox, Brianna Howell-Spooner
2018-19: Left-to-right: Lance Fox, Michelle Dalidowicz, Catherine Hana, Caroline Monnin, Megan Kennedy, Lukas Miller

2017-18 Executive, left to right: Caroline Monnin, President-Elect;  Catherine Hana, Secretary; Michelle Dalidowicz, President; Gina Brander, Web Manager.

2016-17 Executive, left to right: Erin Langman, Secretary-Treasurer;  Michelle Dalidowicz, President-Elect; Lukas Millar, President; Amy Weisgarber, Web Manager.

2015-16 executive
2015-16 Executive, left to right: Stephanie Sanger, former President-Elect;  Maha Kumaran, President; Carly Wiebe, Secretary Treasurer; Amy Weisgarber, Web Manager. Not pictured: Lukas Miller, current President-Elect

President:  Caitlin Carter
President-Elect: Maha Kumaran
Secretary Treasurer: Suzy Bear
Web Manager: Amy Weisgarber

President: Catherine Boden
President-Elect: Caitlin Carter
Secretary Treasurer: Jennifer Owens
Web Manager: Amy Weisgarber

President: Ashley Farrell
President-Elect: Catherine Boden
Secretary Treasurer:
Web Manager: Christine Neilson

President: Susan Murphy
President-Elect: Ashley Farrell
Secretary Treasurer: Me-Ling Le
Web Manager: Christine Neilson

President: Mary Chipanshi
President-Elect: Susan Murphy
Secretary Treasurer: Diana Bang
Web Manager: Christine Neilson

President: Susan Baer/Kelly McIvor
President-Elect: Mary Chipanshi
Secretary Treasurer: Diana Bang
Web Manager: Christine Neilson