The Saskatchewan Health Libraries Association is an affiliated chapter of the Canadian Health Libraries Association / Association des bibliothèques de la santé du Canada (CHLA/ABSC). Our members are dedicated professionals who offer health information services across a range of settings, including post-secondary education and direct patient care. We invite anyone with an interest in our field to join us.

The objectives of the association are:

  • To promote the provision of quality library service to the health community in Saskatchewan.
  • To provide professional support to the membership by promoting educational opportunities, communication, and resource sharing.

Please see our constitution for more information. 

Current Executive 2023-2024

2023-24: Left to right starting at the top:
Mark Mueller, Christopher Read, Lukas Miller, Jessica Kelly, Chau Ha, Erin Watson

Past Executives

2022-23: Left to right starting at the top: Erin Watson, Vanja Stojanovic, Mark Mueller, Mary Chipanshi, Caitlin Peris, Chau Ha
2021-22: Left to right, starting at the top: Erin Watson, Erin Langman, Mary Chipanshi, Scott Frick, Lance Fox, Brianna Howell-Spooner
2018-19: Left-to-right: Lance Fox, Michelle Dalidowicz, Catherine Hana, Caroline Monnin, Megan Kennedy, Lukas Miller
2017-18 Executive, left to right: Caroline Monnin, President-Elect;  Catherine Hana, Secretary; Michelle Dalidowicz, President; Gina Brander, Web Manager.
2016-17 Executive, left to right: Erin Langman, Secretary-Treasurer;  Michelle Dalidowicz, President-Elect; Lukas Millar, President; Amy Weisgarber, Web Manager.
2015-16 executive
2015-16 Executive, left to right: Stephanie Sanger, former President-Elect;  Maha Kumaran, President; Carly Wiebe, Secretary Treasurer; Amy Weisgarber, Web Manager. Not pictured: Lukas Miller, current President-Elect

President:  Caitlin Carter
President-Elect: Maha Kumaran
Secretary Treasurer: Suzy Bear
Web Manager: Amy Weisgarber

President: Ashley Farrell
President-Elect: Catherine Boden
Web Manager: Christine Neilson

President: Mary Chipanshi
President-Elect: Susan Murphy
Secretary Treasurer: Diana Bang
Web Manager: Christine Neilson

President: Catherine Boden
President-Elect: Caitlin Carter
Secretary Treasurer: Jennifer Owens
Web Manager: Amy Weisgarber

President: Susan Murphy
President-Elect: Ashley Farrell
Secretary Treasurer: Mê-Linh Lê
Web Manager: Christine Neilson

President: Susan Baer/Kelly McIvor
President-Elect: Mary Chipanshi
Secretary Treasurer: Diana Bang
Web Manager: Christine Neilson